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BARS VHF 2 m REPEATER - 147.330 | + 600 KHz Offset | 107.2 PL - UP - LINK ENABLED WITH 440 / 70 cm  (443.525) REPEATER



147 330 VHF RF plot

The K9BAR 147.330 Repeater is the designated SKYWARN Spotter System for the National Weather Service during severe weather.  BARS operates several Nets here weekly.  This is a conservative plotted map.  This is realistic coverage for mobiles with 2db gain antennas and 25 watts of power.  Base Stations will have good coverage well outside this plot.

All of the K9BAR repeaters are OPEN repeaters with emergency power if needed.  Any licensed Amateur Radio Operators are welcome on these repeaters and are encouraged to use them.  We ask that you please be courteous, respectful, and follow good operating procedures while using the repeaters. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse and misconduct. 

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