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The BARS SSTV net is held Friday evenings at 8:00PM on the K9BAR Repeater System: 147.330, + Offset, PL Tone - 107.2 & 443.525 + Offset, PL Tone - 114.8 - These Repeaters are linked on transmit and receive. The K9BAR 220 Repeater: 224.540, - Offset, PL Tone - 110.9 is used for talkaround during the SSTV net. 

Current Theme for Friday: TBD

SSTV Net Control Operators

- KC9UTC  

Ed needs alternate SSTV'ers to host this Net. Please schedule with Ed on the air.


SSTV Software and Radio Interfaces


We use EasyPal software for the SSTV net. You can download a FREE copy of EasyPal here: EasyPal Downloads. The latest version is posted at the bottom of the list.




We use digital interfaces for our radios for the SSTV net. Two very popular interfaces are the Signalink and Easy Digi.

More information on digital interfaces and how to purchase one can be found by visiting these websites:




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