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BARS Northern Will County/Southern DuPage County SKYWARN Training Net is held Thursday evenings at 8:30PM on the K9BAR Repeater System: 147.330, + Offset, PL Tone - 107.2 & 443.525 + Offset, PL Tone - 114.8 - These Repeaters are linked on transmit and receive.

You do not need to be a member of BARS to check in to the nets, all Amateur Radio Operators are welcome and encouraged to participate in the nets.

It has been decided that SKYWARN training nets will be suspended during the winter season. During the winter months we will continue to monitor weather conditions and report weather data and activate nets as requested by the National Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Romeoville, IL. Please check in to our nets for more information.

We are always looking for more net control operators! If you would like to be a net control operator for this or any of the other club nets please contact us.

SKYWARN Training Net Procedures and Policy's

The purpose of the Thursday Night SKYWARN Training Net is to get Amateur Radio Operators familiar with how an actual BARS SKYWARN net will operate. This net will operate as close as possible to an actual SKYWARN net that would be brought up during a severe weather event. You do not need to be a trained spotter to check into the net. This net will employ a check-in and check-out procedure. If you have to leave the net for any reason please inform the net control and you will be checked-out. This is a VERY important step that helps us keep track of spotters during an actual SKYWARN net. The net control operator has the final word with regards to how the net is operated. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse and misconduct. Violations of this policy will be reported to the NWS and FCC. These procedures and policies are for everyone's safety and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.     



SKYWARN Training Net Control Operators


Greg Morley -KD9LDD



Weather Radar - LOT