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 – Nightly Anti-Viral Net – 

 On the K9BAR Repeater Systems:  
–  2 meter:
147.330 + Offset, PL Tone -107.2   and the  
  440/7c: 443.525 + Offset, PL Tone -114.8  
are linked on Transmit and Receive. 
(2-m) 147.330 ↔ 443.525 (440/7c)

The Anti-Viral Net will be held EVERY NIGHT at 7:30 PM
(19:30) Local Central Time / 0030 UTC Time.

Except for: FRIDAY NIGHT it's at 7:00 PM

Anti Viral NET radio microphone

If you have questions - Or interested in helping host this net as a Net Control Operator - 
Please Contact: Rob-K9NYO at 

The Nightly Anti-Viral Net was started on Monday, March 16, 2020 
- and will continue through the duration of this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Stay Safe - Stay Calm - Stay Home & Carry On! 
- Take a Breath - 
We can get through this by being Seperated Together.

A BIG Thank You to: 
Rob-K9NYO,  Gary-AA9JS,  Jaye-W9CY 
-  for the idea and implementation of this Nightly Anti-Viral Net, on the behalf of BARS. 
Also, Thanks to:  Greg-KD9LDD (for the naming of this net).

- The BARS Board

Any omissions of Weekly Net Check-Ins are unintentional.

Please notify via email to: webmaster@k9bar.org for any corrections.