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(Last Updated:  Friday March 27, 2020)

    BARS  Announcements!

 Please com join us...   

On the Nightly Anti-Viral Net on the BARS 2m/440 Repeater System. 
To be held
 Every Night at 7:30 pm (19:30) Local Central / 0030 UTC Time.  

During this Coronavirus Pandemic - While we are all shut in - Doing our part to comply with Social Distancing and Shelter-in-Place guidelines, by keeping our loved ones and ourself Safe and At Home. - Take a moment to also check in with your Ham Friends. - To share our common concerns, and experiences, our knowledge, and to pass on health and wellfare traffic, or to just share local news and views of any kind.  - but more importantly - To Stay Connected!

The Nightly Anti-Viral Net will rotate through Net Control Operators of those who volunteer to be NCOs.  The structure and organization of this Nightly Anti-Viral Net will vary and depend on the number of participants on any given night.  The A-V Net will run for about an hour, with the exceptions on if a regularly scheduled net is either in progress, or will start that night.  The Anti-Viral Net will continue Every Night for the duration of this COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Please pass along the word about this Nightly Anti-Viral Net to other hams, and other clubs, to be mentioned on their club nets, or posted on social media or club websites.  Feel free to post about the A-V Net on your own social media sites.  Share wherever and however you can, or see fit to do. 
We are communicators - let's communicate!

Please Contact:  Rob-K9NYO at k9nyo@arrl.net if you are interested in helping host this Nightly Anti-Viral Net as a Net Control Operator. 

Anti Viral NET radio microphone sm

 – Nightly Anti-Viral Net – 

 On the K9BAR Repeater Systems:  
–  2 meter:
147.330 + Offset, PL Tone -107.2   and the  
  440/7c: 443.525 + Offset, PL Tone -114.8  
are linked on Transmit and Receive. 
(2-m) 147.330 ↔ 443.525 (440/7c)

The Anti-Viral Net will be held EVERY NIGHT at 7:30 PM
0) Local Central Time / 0030 UTC Time.

If you have questions - Or if you interested in helping host this net as a Net Control Operator - 
Please Contact: Rob-K9NYO at 

The Nightly Anti-Viral Net was started on Monday, March 16, 2020 
- and will continue through the duration of this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Stay Safe - Stay Calm - Stay Home & Carry On! 
- Take a Breath - 
We can get through this by being Seperated Together.

A BIG Thank You to:  
Rob-K9NYO, Gary-AA9JS, Jaye-W9CY
- for the idea and implementation of this Nightly Anti-Viral Net on behalf of BARS. 
Also, Thanks to Greg-KD9LDD (for the naming of this net).

- The BARS Board

BARS Public Service Events in March

Saturday - March 14, 2020:    CANCELLED


(as of Friday, March, 27, 2020)


Please Note:  When New Date is Posted - it will be announced here.

 Sunday - March 15, 2020

     RESCHEDULED To:  Sunday - SEPT. 20, 2020

CANCELLEC 2020 AMITA St. Paddys Day Event

Please Note: 
The AMITA St. Paddy's Day 5K Walk/Run Event has been RESCHEDULED to:  Sunday Sept. 20, 2020.

- Any additional updates to this event will be announced here.



BARS Next  Monthly Meeting:  Monday March 16, 2020


CANCELLED BARS Monthly Meeting Graphic


BARS Monday March 16, 2020 Meeting is CANCELLED!!

The BARS Board decided to Cancel the Monday March 16, 2020 Monthly Meeting due to our current global health concerns. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to any of the BARS Officers individually - Contact information is on the website's 'Club Officers and Directors' page under 'Club Info' Tab - or at:  http://www.k9bar.org/index.php/club-info/club-officers-directors 

Or - You can Email the BARS Board Team at:  BARSBoard@k9bar.org 

Thank You for your understanding. 

Stay Safe - Stay Calm!

- BARS Board. 


The BARS Board will continue to post the latest updates on this website:  www.k9bar.org 


BARS Next  Monthly Meeting:  Monday March 16, 2020

BARS Monthly Meeting


As many of you know, currently, there is Road Construction going on in front of Fire Station # 5, on both Rodeo Drive and the Road directly in front of the Fire Station.   Because our BARS Members use and need access to the Sever Weather Radio Station equipment located in the back room of FS # 5, the Bolingbrook Fire Department is allowing BARS continued access to FS # 5 during this road construction project.   The BARS Board has decided to continue to use Fire Station # 5 for our Monthly Meetings at 7:30 PM (and the VE Testing Session at 6:00 PM) as normal.   

The Bolingbrook Fire Department Administrations Office has instructed BARS - IF the road in front of FS # 5 and/or the main parking lot is tore up or in a condition where you do not want to drive your vehicle through it, we can park either in the small parking lot located to the East of the FS off Rodeo Drive, -or- we can park on one of the neighborhood side streets.  This would mean you have to walk to the Fire Station.  If you need to do this, and you are unable or expect you'll have difficulty walking the distance, please request assistance and someone can shuttle you to the fire station.   

(If you do need to park elsewhere, we suggest if you can walk the distance easily, to please park on the neighborhood streets.  Leaving the small parking lot for those who may not be able to walk as easily as you).  

If during this construction time the BARS Board decides to move the location of our meeting, as before, a Notice will be posted on the Main Home page of the BARS website.  If the decision is made at too late of time to notify people, there will be someone posted at Fire Station # 5 to redirect people to the new location.  (presuming you haven't already received the information On-Air from listening on the repeater).  

Thank you for being understanding and flexible during this road construction situation.

- BARS Board. 

Other Local Calendar Events:

If you have information about other local calendar events - send an email to webmaster@k9bar.org 

Information provided to BARS members from BARS members.


The Northern IL Amateur Radio Training & Testing Team - 
NIARTT - Future Class Schedule:

2020 - Technicain / General Class License Training Course 

The next Northern Illinois Amateur Radio Training and Testing (NIART) Training Course Dates are not yet scheduled.   It is being planned to be in Spring 2020.  The NIARTT Team will again be working with the Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society (BARS) and the Chicago Suburban Radio Association (CSRA) for their next course.

Keep an eye on the NIARTT website at:  www.niartt.org 
or Contact the NIARTT Team by email:  niartt.73@gmail.com 


NIARTT - Amateur Radio Class License Training Course
Visit NIARTT website at:  www.niartt.org
or Email NIARTT at:  niartt.73@gmail.com  

 For more information you can also visit the BARS Education Page on:  www.k9bar.org  at  www.k9bar.org/index.php/education


BARS Monthly Newsletter:   CQ BARS

   SEPTEMBER 2019   AUGUST 2019        JULY 2019  
  2019 09 Sep CQ BARS wrd sc Newsletter   08 Aug 2019 CQ BARS    07 Jul CQ BARS 2019 web tbnl   


Education Update:

Our recentAmateur Radio License Training Course has Concluded.

The General License CLASS Course was held:

Saturday - September 21 
-through-  November 23, 2019
9 am - 12 noon

Held at the Golden Corral in Aurora - 4270 E. New York St.

TO REGISTER - GO TO:  http://niartt.org/register 

For More Information - See:  Education Info



Every  FIRST  THURSDAY Night of the month at   8:30 PM

Immediately following

The BARS - Weekly Information & Traffic Net at 8 PM  

BARS MONTHLY SKYWARN Training Nets are NOW ACTIVE - Monthly Scheduled: First Thursday of the month in October -through- March

BARS Weekly SKYWARN Training Nets are INACTIVE - Weekly Schedule:  First Thursday in March -through- Last Thursday in September


You don't want to miss a thing....

See ALL the BARS Upcoming Events on our  Events Calendar

 2020 Color Calendar


Interested in Amateur Radio? 
Here's an interesting article about Amateur Radio and Emergency Comunications.

AR n EComm site Photo sm

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The Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society (BARS) was established in the early 1970's.  We have a strong membership base plus a year-round calendar of events and activities.  BARS specializes in SKYWARN, Emergency Communications, Field Day, and Community Event Communications.  We invite you to browse our website to see who we are and what we do. We hope you will like what we have to offer, come visit our meetings and become a Member of our organization.

Please create an account to use this site!  We recommend that you sign up on our site as a "Web Member" to utilize all of our site's features.  PLEASE use your FCC CALLSIGN or real name. If you do not have an Amateur Radio callsign, please use your real name in place of a callsign.  You may put it together as one word or just your name with a space. (EXAMPLE: JohnDoe or John Doe.)  We are doing this to ensure transparency of our users in our database.  A valid E-Mail address is required as you must verify receipt of registration email by clicking on a link to validate your registration. 


The Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society wishes to acknowledge the generous support of:

 bolingbrook logo BPD BFD
 Mayor Roger C. Claar and the
Village of Bolingbrook
The Bolingbrook Police Department The Bolingbrook Fire Department



UPDATED: 04/14/2019 






VHF 147.330




UHF 443.525


114.8 & NAC293


P25/Mixed-Mode Analog


147.330 ↔ 443.525



147.330 ONLY


Node #: 261875

UHF 443.700


Color Code 1 TS1&2


DMR Repeater

VHF 224.540




Sorry for the inconvenience... 

UPDATE: This antenna replacement is now completed, as of: 11/07/2019!

If you have been on the K9BAR Repeater recently, you probably noticed some static and interference occasionally with the VHF Repeater.  As well as the UHF Repeater is completely Down.  We are aware of these issues and are working on getting New Antennas in place which should resolve both of these issues.  Although we don't have an ETA, on exactly when this will happen, it is a work in progress.  We will update you when we have more information.  Until then, please be tollerant of our repeater, and don't let it get to you. 
After all, what is Ham Radio without some static and communication challenges!

Thank you for your understanding. 
- BARS Officers & Board of Directors
Updated: June 27, 2019

All of the K9BAR repeaters are OPEN with emergency power if needed.  All licensed Amateur Radio Operators are welcome on these repeaters and are encouraged to use them.  We ask that you please be courteous, respectful, and follow good operating procedures while using the repeaters. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse and misconduct. 

If you have not had the pleasure of using our linked repeater system then you are missing experiencing its wide area of coverage. Stop by for a QSO with a BARS member or bring a friend along and try out the machines. These repeaters are open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators!

Please remember to ID with your callsign when checking if you can get into the repeater from your location. There has been a lot of ker-chunking of the machines recently. Using your callsign and a statement that you are testing, will help repeater committee members to know that a valid transmission was accessing the repeater and that the signal was not harmful interference or an intermod related issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated!  Also, if using the UHF P25 System, please look at your signal meter before transmitting, there may be a digital QSO in progress.

Please use the repeaters and tell us what you think! We would like to hear from you! Optionally you may drop us a note on our Facebook page and let us know!

BARS is very appreciative for the Village of Bolingbrook's continued support with the 147.330 and 443.525 repeaters!  


BARS is one of the best radio clubs in the Chicagoland area. Visit us on our repeater system for a QSO or join us for a club meeting / event and get to know BARS!