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   BARS - Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day 2020 2

Come Join BARS for Winter Field Day!
24-hours of non-stop Radio Operating!

Join BARS as we participate in the Winter Field Day Association 
where Hams conduct a Winter-Time test of Radio Equipment, 
Communication Skills, and Emergency Readiness during the Winter.  

 Saturday - January 25, 2020
 Sunday - January 26, 2020 


  11 AM - Saturday   (approx.)
   2 PM - Sunday   (approx.)
 Where:  Fire Station # 5 
    1900 Rodeo Dr., 
Bolingbrook, IL 60490
 (same location as BARS monthly meetings)

Come participate - in the Winter Field Day FUN!!
Bring any Radio Equipment you want to set up to test or show off.

To help out or for questions - Contact:  
Field Day Chairman:   Pat Smith - N9TBD 
on BARS Repeater - or email - n9tbd@arrl.net 



It's a COOL Blast of Radio FUN in the middle of Winter!

See you at Winter Field Day!

Why?  Because National Disasters, Severe Weather, and Community Readiness - 
doesn't always happen in good weather days in daylight!