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BARS Education


The NEXT Amateur Radio License Training Course will be...    



Start Date:
- Saturday Septembe 21  - at - 9 am 

Location:  Golden Corral in Aurora - 4270 E. New York Street 

See below to sign up for

The NEXT License Class Training Course

BARS - Education

The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) offers three levels of Amateur Radio Class Licenses.  
  1. Technician Class License  -  2. General Class License  -  3. Extra Class License   

The Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society (BARS) offers several multi-week Amateur Radio Class License training courses throughout the year.  These courses are open to anyone, at any age, who is interested in achieving or upgrading their Amateur Radio Class License.  These training classes are - FREE - at no charge to the students.   (although we do suggest students purchase the ARRL Textbook manual for the license class they plan to attend)

Regardless if you are starting out new to the Amateur (aka Ham) Radio hobby wishing to prepare for your first Amateur Radio License, the Technician Class License, or if you are already a licensed Ham, trying to achieve that 
illusivenext level upgrade to your license...  We can help you do it!

For more information contact Education Chair: Cyndi, K9NAXat:  Edu@k9bar.org 

The ARRL License Manuals textbooks used in our classes

1 Tech 4th Ed 2018 2022   General Class License Textbook   3 Extra 11th Ed thru 6 30 2020
Level 1: 
Technician Class 
  Level 2:  
General Class 
  Level 3:  
Extra Class 
Current thru - June 30, 2022   Current thru - June 30, 2023   Current thru - June 30, 2020

NOTE: Before purchasing a manual, be aware of the "Current thru" date.

ALL Training Courses are Held:

The Amateur Radio Class License Training Courses we offer are always held at:

            When:        Saturday Mornings                  Time:    9:00 AM  until 12 noon

            Location:    Golden Corral in Aurora           At:    4270 E. New York St., Aurora, IL 60504

For information about our Amateur Radio Class License Courses - Click course name below

 2019  3. Extra Class License Course     n/a   Completed  - Jan 19  -thru-  Mar 23, 2019     
 1. Technician Class License Course       n/a   Completed  May 18  -thru-  July 27, 2019 
 2. General Class License Course   REGISTRATION SITE
  COMMING SOON.Register Sqr Blk Ylw sm 2
  Starts:    Sep 21  -thru-  Nov 23, 2019
 2020   3. Extra Class License Course   -TBD-   Tentative Scheduled for:    Jan 18  -thru-  Mar 21, 2020    


2019Scedule for Amateur Radio License Training Classes:

 2019 - Class Calendar
 2019 - Class Schedule Dates 
2019 Class Sched Calendar 2   2019 Class Sched Months 2


BARS is proud to offer and present these Amateur Radio License Training Classes in affiliation with
NIARTT - Northern IL Amateur Radio Training and Testing. 

For any questions or more information please contact the BARS - Education Chair: 
Cyndi M Gillies, K9NAX at:  K9NAX@arrl.net   
or   Edu@k9bar.org