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2018 - BARS Committee List

 Your participation and commitment helps our club grow!

BARS members are welcome to join and be a part of any Committee.

Contact our President, Vice President, or Committee Chair to join a committee.

We appreciate your participation!


Committee Member        
Volunteer Examiner (VE) Team:  David Rock - K9DWR (Chair)  - E
                (E-Extra, G-General) Bob John - AA8X  - E
James Erlain - AA9AZ  - E
Vern Schultz - K9LAE  - E
Cynthia Schultz - WA9IYZ  - E
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY  - E
Dale Marzano - N9JH  - E
Dale Onderisin - W9KHX  - E
Levert Abernathy - KA9CCH  - E
Mark Tomany - N9WYS  - E
Will Sperling - W9WSS  - G
Harold Schofield - KC9HH  - E
Patrick Smith - N9TBD  - E
Lance Clarke - W9QB  - E
Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX  - E
Dave Booher - W9BOO - E
Field Day: Elden Laffoon - WA9IQL (Co-Chair)
   Pat Smith - N9TBD (Co-Chair)
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY
Andriy Rokhmanov - W9KM
Repeater: Will Sperling - W9WSS (Chair/Trustee)
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY
Vern Schultz - K9LAE
Russell Rezaian - AB9UE
Lance Clarke - W9QB 
Public Service / ARES / Skywarn:    Elden Laffoon - WA9IQL (Chair)
Website: Lance Clarke - W9QB (Chair)
Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY
Education: Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX (Chair)
Lance Clarke - W9QB
Dave Booher - W9BOO
Membership: Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX (Chair)
Public Relations: TBD - Open
Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX (Acting Chair)
Special Events / Club Presentations: TBD - Open
Asset: Sharon Jelinek - KD9IDK (Chair)
By-Laws: Rob Sobkoviak - K9NYO (Chair)
Lance Clarke - W9QB
Net Control: Scott Hagner - KC9UTC (Chair)
Todd Fonfara - KC9UWV
Karen Fonfara - KC9UWU
Ralph Barzditis - KE9NT
Rob Sobkoviak - K9NYO
Greg Morley - KD9LDD 
Elmer: Vern Schultz - K9LAE (Chair)
Dan McGowan - KN9E


List current as of: Thu 12/13/2018


NOTE: This committee listing is dynamic and is subject to change

at any time and may be inaccurate until updated.

 Would you like to help out?

   If you're interested in any of the "TBD - Open" positions, contact a BARS officer.

If you're interested in working on and/or helping out on any of these BARS Committees, Please contact either the Committee Chairman above or a BARS officer.  Working on a Committee is Fun and a way to give your support.

BARS needs and appreciates your help!


Any omissions of names of Committee Members is unintentional.

Please notify via email to: webmaster@k9bar.org for any corrections.