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2017 - 2018 BARS Committee List

 Your participation and commitment helps our club grow!

BARS club members are welcome to be a part of any Committee.

Contact our club President or Committee Chair to join.


Committee Member
Volunteer Examiner (VE) Team:  David Rock - K9DWR (Chair)
Bob John - AA8X
Vern Schultz - K9LAE
Cynthia Schultz - WA9IYZ
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY
Dale Marzano - N9JH
Dale Onderisin - W9KHX
Levert Abernathy - KA9CCH
Mark Tomany - N9WYS
Will Sperling - W9WSS
Harold Schofield - KC9HH
  Patrick Smith - N9TBD
Lance Clarke - W9QB
Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX
  Jim Erlain - AA9AZ
Field Day: TBD - Open
Public Service / ARES: TBD - Open
Repeater: Will Sperling - W9WSS (Chair/Trustee)
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY
Vern Schultz - K9LAE
Russell Rezaian - AB9UE
Lance Clarke - W9QB 
Skywarn: TBD - Open
Website: Lance Clarke - W9QB (Chair)
Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX
Ryan Schultz - W9UEY
Education / Club Presentation: TBD - Open
Membership: Cyndi Gillies - K9NAX (Chair)
Public Relations: Larry Hageman - N9LH (Chair)
Special Events: TBD - Open
Asset: Sharon Jelinek - KD9IDK (Chair)
By-Laws: Rob Sobkoviak - K9NYO (Chair)
  Lance Clarke - W9QB
Net Control: Scott Hagner - KC9UTC (Chair)
Todd Fonfara - KC9UWV
Karen Fonfara - KC9UWU
Elmer: Vern Schultz - K9LAE (Chair)
Dan McGowan - KN9E


List current as of: 2/22/2018


NOTE: This committee listing is dynamic and is subject to change

at any time and may be inaccurate until updated.


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   If you're interested in any of the "TBD - Open" positions, contact a BARS officer. 

BARS can use your help!